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WebPOS has been created by a bunch of food lovers, who also love the convenience that online ordering can provide. As we sat at our desks, we wondered why only the large franchise companies provided online ordering. We were getting sick of the same pizza place and wanted gourmet pizzas, baked goods, cakes, chinese food and even our corporate lunches catered for.

Ordering by phone is frustrating because you cant see the menu unless you have a copy of one in the office. We quickly realised that the large franchise groups spent big bucks setting up their online ordering systems, which made it difficult for the smaller restaurants to compete. We decided to change that by creating WebPOS.

We enlisted the help of fellow food lovers and a couple of current and former restaurant owners, to develop a system that could be offered to our customers for a very affordable monthly subscription fee, rather than a massive up front cost. The team here at WebPOS are very exicited to watch small and medium sized restaurants come onine and offer online ordering. We are seeing their businesses grow and they are remarking about increases in productivity because the employee originally stuck on the phone all day, now has the time to help get the food orders out instead.

WebPOS is an affordable solution for every restaurant.