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Specialized Business Solutions (SBS) has offered the Keystroke POS point of sale software system for retail store inventory control since 1988. Today, thousands of retail stores, wholesale distributors, and service businesses use the Keystroke point of sale retail system to manage store sales and automate inventory control. Some of SBS's very first point of sale software customers continue to rely on the Keystroke point of sale system as their retail POS solution of choice!

Full-Featured - Keystroke POS Software is an easy to use, inexpensive, and full-featured retail store management system. For both new businesses and for replacement of less capable POS systems, Keystroke Advanced POS has all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a reliable retail store solution that will remain valuable for years to come.

Affordable - Keystroke software and technical support services are reasonably priced. When reviewing other options, be sure to consider the total cost for all registers and workstations, as well as recurring costs for software updates and support services.

Reliable - Keystroke Point Of Sale is time tested and very reliable. Authorized Keystroke POS dealers who also sell traditional cash registers prefer Keystroke because of its consistency and dependability.

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