We are beneficiaries of services provided by the government everyday, every form of the government whether city, state or federal government has a function of providing services and security to its citizens. In countries like America, each of these is a part of the component of the government known as “federalism” which is a distribution of power among the Federal/State/City Government. Each form of government exercises its own functions as empowered by the constitution to eliminate corruption, waste, fraud and abuse.
However there are differences between the City/State/Federal governments in that Federal Governments have the power to print money, declare war, and establish an army or navy. 

The State Governments can establish Local Governments, issue licenses, regulate intrastate commerce and conduct elections.

The City Governments typically provide services like education, police, fire and human services.
In another instance, some powers are shared by both the Federal and State Governments, which include establishing courts, creating and collecting taxes, building highways and borrowing money through taxation.
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