Writed by=Ari Aster.
audience score=204894 Votes.
Tomatometers=7,7 of 10.
Alex Wolff.

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When I saw the movie for the first time, my reaction at the end was the same as the whole audiences. WTF. I was mainly disappointed and felt like I was wasting time and money. The movie left scars behind and I couldn’t stay alone at home being that scarred for many days – which was kind of a good sign as I hardly get scarred watching horror movies nowadays (I am nearly 47 and grew up with all horror classics. I’ve “seen them all. br>
As said, I was super angry having watched this movie. Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my 20 year old son as he wanted to see the movie with me. As loving father I agreed. This time I figured out what is truly going on in the movie!
Caution – Spoiler. br>
The dear grandmom was a satanist. I knew that from the first time. Joanne, her “girlfriend” as well. I also got that one. But what was the electric impulse which you could see? This i figured out the second time. It was Paimon, the demon haunting the son of Annie. But Paimon needed the son to be dead first to be able to enter his body for good – which happenes just at the end of the movie when Peter jumpes out of the window. You can see Peter lying on the ground in front of the house when the electric impulse comes and enters Peters body. That was Paimon. Now Paimon has entered Peters body finally. The summoning was successful. And finally – Peter (now Paimon) makes that strange sound with his tongue, just like Charlie did before. Why? Charlie was the host of Paimon before. But her body was not healthy and it was a girls body, not the body of a man, which Paimon needed. Thats why Charlies grandmother wanted to her to be a boy instead of being a girl.
Makes sense now?
And btw: Paimon is a real figure as well as the sign used in this film. It is one of the 72 demons from the Grimoire – some magic book also used by people like Aleister Crowley.
Knowing that, the film has now become a real masterpiece. The tension increases constantly till the showdown at the end, when the movie suddenly becomes one of the most fearing horror movies I have ever seen.
Well done A24 and Ari Aster! Great acting from the cast as well.