Ecommerce is a type of commercial or business transaction that involves the transfer of information via the Internet. Ecommerce covers an array of transactions ranging from auction or music sites, through consumer based retail sites, to businesses involving exchange of services and trade goods between corporations. This phenomenon is one of the most outstanding revolutions in the age of information technology. With Ecommerce, the consumers are able to receive goods and services at the convenience of their home without geographical or time limitations. Ecommerce also allows consumers to pay for the goods electronically through electronic money transfer systems such as PayPal and so on. However, the recent past has seen events that have discouraged people from fully embracing Ecommerce. This includes online fraud where conmen have taken advantage of unsuspecting online shoppers by receiving payments and failing to deliver the agreed services or goods. In order to curb this vice, those who undertake Ecommerce are urged to seek the authenticity of the service providers before engaging in any exchanges.

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