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01 Broadway Suite 1603, New York, New York, 10013, United States
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Cool Bee POS has been a leading provider of point of sales systems since 1996. We offer an intuitive restaurant POS software – created by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs. It provides fast operation, accurate order taking and detailed reports with an easy-to-use interface; designed to help bars and restaurants operate smoothly.

Cool Bee’s restaurant point of sale software has dozens of features in a package that is easy and affordable for our clients. Our POS system is used by over 150 restaurants in the Greater New York region, such as Amber, Chef Yu, China Fun, Fusha, Ollie’s Noodle and Grill Shop, Red Bowl, Saigon Grill, Soba Nippon, and Szechuan Gourmet, etc.

Cool Bee POS was created to be easy to learn, use and modify – we help staff and managers complete tasks fast and efficiently in a way that works best for them. Menu items and prices can be easily added or modified. Fast order entry is critical in all types of restaurants. Quick service restaurants will see lines moving faster, resulting in happier customers and higher volume. Our system is designed to speed up the operations in your restaurant.

The kitchen is the busiest area in most restaurants. Errors in preparation can cost precious time, money and customer loyalty. Our POS can switch between English to Chinese interface with one touch of a button. Orders sent to the kitchen can be printed in English, Chinese or both. Orders modified can be printed in a different color.

Our system also provide troubleshooting features such as rerouting orders from disabled printer to a functional printer. We feature comprehensive reports on gross and item sales, that also serve as a security feature by providing the numbers you need to help you make smart business decisions. All orders made, deleted, discounted or complimentary are recorded by user and reasons to deter employee theft.

Other key features include: integrated credit card processing, gift cards, user fingerprint authentication, caller ID, and customer delivery order history.