A-Systems Corporation

4141 South Highland Drive - Suite 210 , Salt Lake City, Utah, 84124-2656, United States
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A-Systems Corporation has been providing accounting software to the construction industry since 1978. In fact, A-Systems was the first company to provide job cost accounting software for the PC.

A-Systems was founded May 15, 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last three decades, A-Systems has proven its stabililty by developing robust accounting software and servicing a large, nation-wide clientele. Today, A-Systems stands tall as a top provider of business accounting and job costing solutions.

The company was originally organized by the late Michael D. Wise, the creative genius and computer pioneer who, according to Byte Magazine, created the first true PC. This is the legacy upon which A-Systems was built.

Sphere I and Mike Wise
The Sphere I computer, may not look like much nowadays, but when Mike created it in 1975, it was revolutionary. If Sphere I looks familiar, that is because it inspired many copycats. Many high-tech innovations originated with Mike Wise and the Sphere I microcomputer. If you have ever pressed [Alt]-[Ctrl]-[Delete], Mike selected those keys to soft-boot his original microcomputer in 1975.

Established as a computer expert, Mike Wise was hired to create a job costing program. Working with a CPA and the Contractor, Mike created a powerful program. He purchased the rights to the program and it became the basis of A-Systems Corporation.